Deepani De Alwis - National Gold Medalist for Licenciate Piano

Performing: Bach: Partita No. 6, Beethoven: Sonata Op 57 Appassionata, Schumann: Kreisleriana,Debussy: Image 11

18 Sep - Piano Recital at Lionel Wendt at 7 pm.
Tickets available at Lionel Wendt.
All proceeds go to the Music Project

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thank you to our Roadshow sponsors

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unite Roadshow report

The Music Project's new venture – "The UNITE roadshow 2016". Our founder trustee Shalini Wickramasuriya has often felt that the children of the Music Project Orchestra deserve better exposure to demonstrate years of hardwork, further performance opportunities and to spread the word about what the project. The Music Project is now in its fifth year working with the group of children who registered for the programme in 2011. In addition to the many events and venues at which the children have performed, an integral part of the programme has been the bi-annual residential programme held in Kurunegala and Mullaitivu which provides the children of two formerly divided communities, the opportunity to connect and network as an orchestral community. The children of the north and south work alongside their peers as desk partners, sharing musical scores, engaging in living and working together to make the orchestra happen. This year it seemed relevant to showcase the achievements of the children who are part of a collaborative and united orchestra through a roadshow from Thursday 25 – Saturday 27.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Music Project - Roadshow 2016

This August The Music Project's UNITE - Roadshow will showcase the talents of 200 of our children from schools of Mullaitivu and Kurunegala through a roadshow which will travel to Kandy, Negombo and Colombo.
The children will perform in public locations to inspire the public what these children have achieved. This initiative will help us provide the children with much needed exposure and an unique performance opportunity.
Please help us make this a reality – by sponsoring something big or small!
Transport (Cost for buses Kurunegala and Mullaitivu for 5 days) = Rs. 455,000/-
Public performances (Hire of chairs, sound systems, publicity, certificates) = Rs. 58,500/-
Meals (Breakfast, Tea/snacks, Lunch, Dinner)= Rs.549,000/-
Logistics (Setting up washrooms, temp. kitchens) = Rs. 25,000/-
Total cost of the Road Show - Unite Programme is Rs.1,087,500/-
Your gesture would go a long way to make this unique and united performance a reality. So please select items from our wish list above or donate dry rations towards the meals – we thank you so much for your consideration.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Parallel Versing visit to Sri Lanka

Beyond Skin are pleased to announce the next phase of the Parallel Versing project encompassing a large schools programme and various musician exchanges between Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka.

Parallel Versing is a project using music to change the life trajectory of children whose quality of life has been impacted by the legacy of conflict. The project was developed in 2013 by intercultural arts organisation Beyond Skin & The Music Project organisation based in Sri Lanka. The project has been developing and expanding successfully over the past few years receiving global recognition with key support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast Harbour, Arts & Business and Esufally Foundation.

With a recent investment from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the Professional Arts Abroad Scheme and Belfast Harbour, the next phase of the project will start on 17th February.

What a valuable experience the Music Project children received by the SLPA. The staff members of SLPA gave a fabulous tour - showing them "Europa 2" - a passenger liner, The Colombo Port Expansion Project and How the South Container Terminal works. At the end of the tour a scrumptious dinner was prepareed by SLPA. Thank you SLPA for such a memorable experience.

For most of the Music Project children and their parents this was their first visit to the Planetarium in Colombo

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Residential Fellowship Programme 2016

This programme held from 29th - 31st Jan 2016 was hosted by The British School of Colombo (BSC) specially for the children of the Music Project. An innitiative designed to cross boundaries, to enocourage fellowship among each other and to learn to respect each other inspite of diverse backgrounds. Who would have thought that some rural kids would be so musically talented and could teach classical music to urban kids? and who would have thought that some rural kids would be compassionate enough to want to share their time to show the music project children how to swim in the pool, teach them how to use paint on the computer and play new fun games? Well thats exactly what happened at the Residential Fellowship Programme 2016!
The first day of the programme was conducted by The Music Project children. Where they conducted three activities. 1. a special performance - introducing what an orchestra is about 2. teaching two songs on the recorder (a tamil and sinhala song) 3. "Making a musical instrument".
The 2nd day of the programme was conducted by The British School children.
where they conducted 4 activities - 1. learn how to be confident in the water & have fun 2. an IT experience -with Paint 3. fun team building games 4. fun sports activities

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Volunteering with the Music Project in Kurunegala has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience. During my time with the Project I have taught English in the mornings at a local school called Lakdasa College.

Then in the afternoons I travelled to several different schools with the Music Project itself to teach English, trumpet and recorder. The children are all very eager to learn which makes them a pleasure to teach.

Sandy McCleery

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