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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recorders all the way

This month we were able to start putting the songs we have learnt onto our first instrument, the recorder. We started with a wooden imitation recorder, giving each note of the scale a colour, learning first how to place our fingers. We even coloured our fingernails with the corresponding colours to aid the learning process! spent time on breathing exercises which meant we were able to save time (and hearing hearing loss!) when we started the real thing. After two sessions, the kids were eager to start. The challenge of playing an instrument in completely different to singing in a group.

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Volunteering with the Music Project in Kurunegala has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience. During my time with the Project I have taught English in the mornings at a local school called Lakdasa College.

Then in the afternoons I travelled to several different schools with the Music Project itself to teach English, trumpet and recorder. The children are all very eager to learn which makes them a pleasure to teach.

Sandy McCleery

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