The Regent International School of Gampaha invited the children of The Music Project Orchestra and the percussion group to participate in their annual Music show "Rhythms of Regent 2014" on the 18th of October 2014. The Music show had invited many school bands to perform at this event and it was such a privilege to be part of this.

The students invited the Music Project children as a CSR initiative, where students not only provided an opportunity to the children to perform and showcase their talents but also conducted a fundraising project to raise money for the transportation cost. The Regent International students held hot dogs and ice cream stalls at the event and during school hours to raise the sufficient money.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank JICA – "Smile for all in the world" for co-ordinating this project and providing us with this fabulous opportunity for the last two years and also "Music without Borders", "Mr Akifumi Goto and Shimmura Instruments Company" and "KDDI company" for the donations of the wonderful instruments. We are ever so grateful for all the trouble taken to provide the Music Project children with the much needed instruments, mentioned below.


Music without Borders: Trumpet x1, Clarinets x 2, Bass Drum x1

Mr. Akifumi Goto and Shimmura: Trumpet X 1

KDDI company: Trumpet X 1


Friday, October 24, 2014

A blog from Greg Snell

Greg Snell - Australia's "Best Jobs in the World" winner, visits The Music Project", to gather research for his next potential project - a documentary travel series "Travel Global Think Local". Greg hopes to feature The Music Project in the first episode. Here is his Blog of his visit to Mullaitivu and Kurunegala.

There is shyness in their tentative smiles. I sense their embarrassment with a hint of poorly concealed excitement. Maybe it's these funny looking foreigners and their funny looking cameras. Maybe it's that they're learning to masterfully play instruments which two years ago were completely unknown to them. Maybe it is the way they just miss one note in the scale to the immediate and unspoken response of their teacher. Either or, there is something in that wide eyed and innocent acknowledgement of our presence in their precious little world, their academy of new skill development, and our fascination with their factory of magnificent sound.

Kana Hayashi a JICA volunteer from Japan joins the The Music Project team in Sri Lanka for a period of two years. She has joined to teach brass instruments. Kana born in Hokkaido Japan, played French Horn for 10 years as a member of a brass band.
Kana graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, and last worked at an internet shopping site company in Osaka, Japan. She led a very busy life but wanted to continue to play the French horn. So she made the effort to find the time to practice and joined one of brass band that was formed in Osaka. Since her childhood Kana has been playing the French horn and finds this a great experience where she learnt a lot and got a great deal of enjoyment by joining the brass band. So playing the French horn became an essential part of her life.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Unite Programme August 2014

There is a certain expectation for the children of The Music Project that they will travel in April and August to either the Mullaitivu or Kurunegala or vice versa for a residential music camp . August had arrived and preparations were afoot for the children of Kurunegala to travel to Mullaitivu, live amongst the community of Thunukkai in Mullaitivu and work on set repertoire leading to a final concert.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Unite Programme - August 2014

Once again The Music Project hosted another  Unite programme, a four day residential programme from 24th -  28th August in Yohapuram Maha Vidhalaya, Mallavi. Approximately 200 children participated from Kurunegala and Mallavi. The programme consisted mainly of music related workshops and also some team building workshops. At this Unite Programme, specific times were kept for the pen pals to meet and get to know each other and some special moments were shared the North and South friends. At the end of the Unite Programme, the children held a concert, where the music project orchestra performed.

The Interact Club of the British School in Colombo (ICBSC) organised "Enliven" – a talent show that portrays the talents of individuals from the British School on Tuesday, the 1st of July at 6:30pm at the British School Colombo Auditorium and this year the proceedings of the show will be donated to us "The Music Project" (

The Music Project orchestra and Percussion group was also invited to perform at this event.This was a fabulous opportunity for the children. The orchestra played Ode to joy, Do Re Me Song,Half Minute Waltz,Themes for the Water Music,Tango and Cha Cha and a special piece by the percussion group was also performed. Their performance was well received by the audience with a standing ovation by the students of the British school!

The Principal of British School also handed over a cash donation to Mrs. Shalini Wickramasuriya - chairperson of The Music Project. This was collected by the students of British School throughout the year, and will be utilized to buy the much needed instruments for the children of the Music Project.

We Thank all the students of British School and teachers who made this possible.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Parallel Versing May visit

The Beyond Skin, Founder Darren Ferguson visits Sri Lanka once again with colleague Davy Bates to conduct The Parallel Versing Workshops with the children from Kurunegala and Mullaitivu. Darren and Davy were in Sri Lanka from the 7th May till the 13th of May, where they conducted the Parallel Versing workshops and Teacher Training sessions in Mullaitivu and Kurunegala.

In the workshops Darren and Davy shared the recordings of what the children of Ireland had done to show the children of Sri Lanka. which were I'll tell ma, the cup song, rhyme across the world in time. These were then learnt and performed by the Sri Lankan students, who learnt to play "tell me ma" on the recorders, they sang "rhyme across the world in time" and students and teachers learnt how to do the cup song!! Davy also conducted several percussion sessions getting the children, parents and teachers all involved in these sessions. All of these clips can be seen on themusicprojectmedia youtube account.

This concept has been developed by Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland) and has partnered with The Music Project (Sri Lanka) to develop this pilot scheme. PV is currently working with four schools in Sri Lanka based in Kurunegala, Mullaitivu and three schools in Northern Ireland.

For further details please check our website:

A special documentary done about our project by BBC Sinhala at the UNITE Programme May 2014. Please click this link below to see the documentary.

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